Age Building

212 20th St N. Along the way, you pass the Age Building (ca. 1889) a narrow structure of tall, elegant proportions, molded

classical decoration, and large areas of glass characteristic of

cast-iron-front fa├žades, one of only two that survive downtown.

Return to your starting point by continuing south to Morris Ave.



Title Building

NW corner 3rd Ave & Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N. On the north side of 3rd Ave is the city s second steel-frame skyscraper, the

nine-story Title Building (1903). Designed by the architect of the

fi rst two buildings at the Heaviest Corner, it has fi ne brickwork

but is regrettably missing its cornice, removed in 1956.

First Presbyterian Church

2100 4th Ave N. A block north, at Richard Arrington

Jr Blvd and 4th Ave N, First

Presbyterian Church (1888)

is the oldest church building

downtown. Its red pressed

brick, terra cotta tiles, and

multicolor slate roof are characteristic of the Victorian Gothic

style. The church s most distinctive feature, its handsome bell

tower, marked the original entrance off what is now Richard

Arrington Jr Blvd. In 1921 the entrance was relocated to 4th

Ave because of street widening. You can still see the terra cotta

decoration and broad arch that marked the old entrance on what

is now the side of the church. In 1924 a 25-bell carillon was

installed in the tower.

Birmingham Green

20th St. N. Walk west one block to 20th Street, and turn left again to return to your starting point. Historically 20th Street

served as the city s primary north-south axis, running from the

railroad tracks to the park. In the 1970s the street was landscaped

as part of a downtown revitalization effort and became known as

Birmingham Green.