Dulion Apartments and LaSalle Apartments

2030 11th Ave S & 2028 11th Ave S. Directly across the street are the Dulion Apartments (1920), the fi rst of several 1920s

skyscraper apartments built on the city s Southside, and to the

west, the LaSalle Apartments (1926).

Fred Jones Building

1901 11th Ave S. Continue west beyond the circle intersection to the corner of 11th Ave and 19th St S. On the SE corner of the

intersection is the Fred Jones Building (1928; now Golden Temple),

another of the Five Points retail buildings sporting sunfl owers and

other Art Deco style motifs. The original owner, Fred Jones, was

the proprietor of a popular delicatessen and ice cream shop. The

second fl oor, where baking, salad making, and ice cream freezing

took place, now houses the Birmingham Festival Theatre.

Southside Baptist Church

Convergence of 19th St & 10th Court S, facing 11th Ave S. Across the street, Southside Baptist Church (1911) rises

impressively as an imposing Roman Ionic temple.

From here you can make your way back to the starting point or explore the Five Points neighborhood further.



Southern Life and Health Building

2121 Highland Ave. Across Highland, the Southern Life and Health Building (1927) brought the fi rst large offi ce building

(for an insurance company) to residential Highland Avenue.

The building draws on classical architecture for its symmetry,

proportions, columns, and ornament.

Bradshaw House

2154 Highland Ave. The Bradshaw House (ca. 1890) exemplifi es the Queen Anne style, with its trademark exuberance

and variety, expressed here in vertical massing, steep roof and

gables, cupola, scalloped shingles, and gingerbread trim. Along

with the Hassinger-Daniels House, the Bradshaw House reminds

us that Highland Avenue was, in its earliest days, the city s

grandest residential boulevard.

Temple Beth-El

2179 Highland Ave. At the end of this block on the other side of the street is Temple Beth-El (1927), built for the city s

Conservative Jewish congregation.

First Church of Christ, Scientist

2031 11th Ave S. Go back down Highland to Richard Arrington Jr Blvd and turn to head north a block. At 11th Ave turn left

toward the Five Points Circle. On the corner is an offi ce that

was originally First Church of Christ, Scientist (1911).